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Definite Winning Formula

The logical & strategical electronic booklet that helps you to win consistently

The Definite Winning Formula PDF Document is a 42-page booklet that includes a full-fledged strategy to reach your daily winning target from Baccarat & Roulette

The book is simple & easy to read, and if you can't remember something, HD flowcharts & infographics will help you grasp the main points. 


What can it be used for?


The Definite Winning Formula PDF includes information & simplified-flowcharts for both Baccarat & Roulette


If you are a land-based casino player & electronic devices cannot be used within the premises, The Definite Winning Formula can be used to memorize the formula & apply it on real-time games

How can I get the document?

Before you purchase the document, we recommend that you read a free trial-copy of the Definite Winning Formula PDF by clicking on the button below. Once you are satisfied, you can move on to purchase the full document. 

If you wish to purchase the document, please click on the Contact Us button. After this, you will receive a direct link to purchase the PDF to your email.

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